Removing Barriers and Embracing Uniqueness


Diversity and Inclusion

At Briteweb we embrace our differences and celebrate them as much as our commonalities. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s essential to creating an innovative workplace, where we’re best positioned to amplify the impact of global changemakers.

Diversity and inclusion go beyond race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. Our remote and distributed model was designed to remove barriers of time and location so that our team can be truly and authentically themselves however and from wherever they want.

Never content to settle for the status quo, we’re endlessly asking ourselves how we can make things better. That spirit has led us to reimagine what our work lives—and our team—can look like.


Diversity at a Glance

17 different ethnicities are represented within our international team
Briteweb's leadership team is composed of 60% women
Our multi-lingual team collectively speaks over 10 different languages

Benefits of Our Model

Briteweb is built on a foundation of strong values, mission and purpose. They guide our hiring process, how we work with our clients and how our agency operates. Our model is unique, just like each and everyone on our team. It’s inclusive, flexible and ever-evolving.

We are Remote and Distributed

Our team’s journey to this model was sparked by two factors. The first is that our clients are diverse—in cause, location, language, culture and demographics. We wanted to reflect that diversity within our team. The second was a desire to create a more inclusive workplace, where people have the flexibility to create their own schedules, so they can make Shabbat dinner, pick up the kids from school or observe a cultural holiday.

Inclusivity for Briteweb also means that our team can work from anywhere, including home, where they might feel more comfortable. Any number of factors, including having a disability or being a new parent, can make it challenging to work a traditional, office-based 9-5. Through our unique model, we seek to remove these barriers and create an environment that works for everyone, regardless of location.

Our model also allows for inclusivity across the economic spectrum. Most agencies are based in metropolitan centers like New York and San Francisco, where housing costs are high, making it challenging for workers, especially those early in their careers, to make ends meet. Our flexible model breaks down these location barriers, opening up opportunities for creatives all over the world.

After all, embracing diversity is about more than inclusivity, it’s about developing policies that encourage people to be themselves.

  • As a new parent, I appreciate the flexibility and autonomy that being a networker affords me. There's more choice to how and when I do my work. For me, being able to drop-off and pick-up my child from school every day has been a real proof of work-life balance.

    – Jonathan Sy, Brand Strategist

We're Committed to Improving

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is ongoing and constantly evolving. We believe that to truly do our best we have to acknowledge that we can always do better. As we continue to make more positive changes we will embrace the lessons to be learned and strive to keep improving.