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Briteweb Wins 7 Indigo Design Awards

Briteweb May 10, 2018

We love hearing how happy our clients are with the services we deliver, but it’s icing on the cake when the industry recognizes it also. The jury at Indigo Awards awarded Briteweb and Uncharted not just one, but seven awards!

GOLD: UX, Interface & Navigation

SILVER: Branding, Website Design, Interaction Design, Logos

BRONZE: Animation & Illustration for Websites, Digital Design

  • Uncharted_web_design_branding_mockup_02

  • Mockup of Uncharted Website and Mobile Site Design showcasing their new brand 01

  • Mockup of Uncharted Website and Mobile Site Design showcasing their new brand 02

The Backgound

Unreasonable Institute came to us for a new name, brand identity and website. It wasn’t that their name and brand identity weren’t working (they were) or that they didn’t like them (they did). But for Unreasonable Institute, it was time to let go of what they’d been in order to become what they will be. From the get-go, our brand strategists wanted to create space for the Unreasonable Institute team to articulate and address the fear and anxiety they felt coming into the rebrand process.

Briteweb’s challenge was to help Unreasonable Institute establish an identity that they loved as much – or, better yet, even more.

Photo of iMac and iPhone mockups for Uncharted web design and development

In the end, we were able to deliver a new name, visual identity, brand strategy, content strategy, website design and development, and a launch plan that everyone could get on board with.

The Decision

So who decides which websites make the cut? Talented creatives from some of the world’s most respected companies, such as IDEO, GoDaddy, YouTube, Nike, GitHub, Google, Disney, Adobe, Sony, Pixar, IKEA, Pinterest, SoundCloud and more.

What The Client Has To Say

The day after launch, Uncharted Founder and CEO Teju Ravilochan summed up his experience:

“We would not be here without [Briteweb]. Everything just looks incredible. You guys have done such a thoughtful, caring, and wonderful job helping us build an identity that we are proud of! When we started, we didn’t think we could have a brand as good as Unreasonable. I 100% believe Uncharted is something that is even more authentic to who we are and even more inviting to the world than Unreasonable. I am so very proud to be part of this brand and we are so grateful to both of you and to the whole team for what you’ve done for us.”

The Team

None of this would be possible without the people, right? Shoutout to the team who worked with Uncharted on this incredible transformation: David Arias, Felipe Arosemena, Tim Kraumanis, Siddhant Mehta, Ynah Pantig, Mailande Moran, Ben Groulx, Aina Kawamoto, Samantha Langdorf, Brodie Wasserman, Kelly Ostrowercha, Pete Laird, and Claudia Lau.

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