Case Study: Art for Justice Fund

Case Study

Turning Art Into Action

Founded by renowned philanthropist and art collector, Agnes Gund, The Art For Justice Fund starts with a belief the enduring power of art to call for change, expose injustice and empower communities in an effort to reform the criminal justice system.

Take a look at their Fall 2018 grantees.


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Connecting Collectors, Artists & Advocates

In 2017, the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), and collector and philanthropist Agnes Gund launched the $100 million Art for Justice Fund with funding from Gund’s sale of Roy Lichtenstein’s “Masterpiece.” The fund is allocating grants to criminal-justice reform groups and education and arts initiatives that “bear witness to the experiences of those impacted by the system” over a five-year period.

In partnership with the Ford Foundation and RPA, Briteweb set to work establishing a visual narrative for the fund. Infusing the design with the power of art while planning carefully for how rich content areas will expand and evolve over the next five years were powerful contributing factors in designing both the aesthetic and experience.

The result is a dynamic online home representative of the generosity of contributing collectors, the creativity of participating artists and ingenuity of the incredible advocates for mass incarceration change.


Before & After

Learn more about how the Art For Justice Fund’s strategic efforts are transforming the criminal justice system through art and advocacy.

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