Case Study: DBIA

Case Study

Collaboration to Build on Innovation

For more than 25 years, the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) has been bringing together architects, engineers and construction professionals. To better engage design-driven and technologically-savvy professionals, DBIA partnered with Briteweb to redesign its website for a more intuitive, visually-rich experience that works across screens.


Copywriting , UX Strategy & Design , Mobile Responsive Websites

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Redesigning the Information Architecture

DBIA has a lot to offer, from membership and certification to continuing education and regional events. Through our discovery process, we realized that users found the amount of information dense and difficult to navigate.

Our insights fueled an in-person workshop that enabled us to work face-to-face with the DBIA project team. This collaboration extended through the strategy, design and creative stages. Together, we landed on a more streamlined architecture, as well as a refreshing, visually-engaging design.

In addition to building the core site, our developers worked with DBIA’s existing third-party vendors to integrate its online services and provided styling guidance to match these to the updated website design.


A Responsive Experience

By prioritizing the mobile experience, we focused on the heart of the website: the content. We balanced user experience, information density, recognizing that the content needs of users will change as their screen size does. This took responsive design a step beyond ensuring their website looked great across various screen sizes; we also optimized the content and messaging across all devices, big and small.

Delivered like a good design-build team

We're a non-profit association that believes there's a better way to build projects vitally important to American communities. By replacing industry jargon with meaningful messaging and letting the beautiful projects speak for themselves, our visitors now understand how design-build impact their lives. Our Briteweb experience couldn't have been smoother. Collaborative, transparent, on-time, under budget, and the smoothest project I've ever worked on. Delivered like a good design-build team!

— Kim Wright, Director of Strategic Communications, DBIA

Learn more about design-build and how the DBIA is changing the construction industry in America.

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