Case Study: Ecosystem Investment Partners

Case Study

Ecosystem Investment Partners: Bringing Complex Work to Life

Economic development and environmental preservation: these two goals can easily seem at odds by definition. Ecosystem Investment Partners, however, sees things differently—and provides customized solutions that tackle both at once. As experts in ecological restoration, they repair, renew, and conserve natural habitats across the United States; at the same time, they offer developers a way to mitigate the environmental impact of necessary infrastructure.  

When EIP came to Briteweb, they’d firmly established their role in a highly specialized field. However, their website didn’t represent the depth of their expertise or the breadth of their successful restoration projects. EIP’s key solutions didn’t take center stage; the strength of the team didn’t come alive in a compelling way. Potential customers had a difficult time digging into the specifics of EIP’s work and seeing potential solutions reflected back to them. Users lacked clear paths to action that would directly lead to client acquisition. As a backdrop, the site’s dated design needed a refresh.


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Clear Ideas, Vibrant Design

The first challenge we faced together is conceptual: EIP’s conservation finance work is complicated! Our job was to bring that work to life online in an engaging way—and offer EIP’s users easy paths to learn more about a specific restoration approach, gain an understanding of what makes the company special, and see how EIP’s work can make their jobs (and lives) easier. 

Here’s a quick explainer: EIP works with local partners to help public agencies meet their regional restoration goals. Then, they offer units of that work as mitigation credits to developers who need to offset unavoidable environmental impacts, per federal regulations like the Clean Water Act. In other words, EIP does the complex, bureaucratic restoration work up front, and then offers that value back to their customers. Using market forces, they provide solutions to an ever-present, thorny problem: how can we support a growing human population and conserve the natural systems that sustain every living thing? 

We got to work on a new site that would make their work shine. In conjunction with our standard website deliverables (like an easy-to-use CMS), EIP highlighted the need for:

  • A custom interactive map to help site visitors search for projects based on the parameters that fit their interests and illustrate the reach of EIP’s work
  • Detailed project pages that offer a deep dive into specific pieces of EIP’s extensive portfolio
  • Advanced SEO strategies to boost EIP’s page rankings and help them earn more relevant traffic in search engines
  • Email integration to seamlessly connect the new site with EIP’s existing communications systems
  • Copywriting support to help guide the website’s flow of information

EIP’s new site helped set them apart from their competitors with an intuitive user experience, clear calls to action, and a content strategy that put their customers’ needs front and center. We’ve worked with EIP in an ongoing capacity ever since, even taking on new projects like video development!

Before & After

  • Ecosystem Investment Partners website
  • Ecosystem Investment Partners website by Briteweb

A Customized Interactive Map

The linchpin of this project—and the most complex piece of it—is our searchable project map, tailor-made for EIP. Featuring both project grid and geographic views, the map helps users filter for multiple project criteria to help them navigate the complexity of EIP’s portfolio.

Once the search results come in, each project is clickable and leads to a details page that combines storytelling, engaging graphic design, and actionable cues to help potential customers learn about EIP’s capabilities and easily reach out to a team member for personalized guidance. Each part of the user journey is designed to convert visitors into customers.

Ecosystem Investment Partners website by Briteweb

Explore Ecosystem Investment Partners’ customized solutions for environmental restoration.

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