Crafting a digital strategy for a solidarity movement

Case Study

#HeForShe Campaign for UN Women

HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality, supported by UN Women. Briteweb worked with UN Women to develop the digital strategy for the campaign which began with storytelling.

We needed to clearly and quickly tell the story behind the HeForShe movement in a way that new visitors to the site would understand the significance and feel inspired to get involved. The digital experience guides users through the story behind the movement, ultimately driving them to sign the HeForShe pledge.

The campaign officially launched on September 20th at the United Nations. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, became the first man to take the HeForShe pledge in front of a packed room full of heads of state, dignitaries, UN employees and celebrities including UN Women Ambassador Emma Watson. Within the first 48 hours of launching we received over 60,000 HeForShe pledge sign-ups, with a 43% conversion rate in our target demographic of men.

  • Briteweb crafted concise messaging

  • An interactive map to show the momentum of the campaign

  • Clear calls to action drove 45% conversion rates for the first week of the campaign

HeForShe brand by DIA.

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