Case Study: Shell Foundation

Case Study

Tackling Global Development Challenges With a New Website

Shell Foundation is a UK-registered charity established by the Shell Group in 2000 to create and scale new solutions to global development challenges. They needed the ability to showcase their portfolio of business partnerships in the areas of access to energy and sustainable mobility. Their need for a modern site that reflects the brand values and allows them to share the compelling stories of social enterprise.


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About the Project

Shell Foundation is an impactful, well-connected organization that’s leading positive change on a global scale, but their website didn’t effectively showcase what they do, and how—or communicate the extent of their impact and reach. They engaged Briteweb to refresh their brand and build a new website that coherently communicates what they do, in a way that resonates with their primary audience segment: prospective funders and partners.

Doing so was a big undertaking for our content strategy team, whose job was to simplify and clarify their often esoteric content to make it digestible and easily navigable for users. One of our major content challenges was to showcase their collaborations with various partners, providing an easy snapshot of what they’re doing, where, and with whom—and how that work is impacting the lives of real people.

The result was an overall increase in engagement on the website. Since the relaunch, visitors are now spending more time on the website, finding what they need faster, and coming back more often.

  • The average session duration increased by 11%, suggesting that the content is interesting to website visitors and the experience of browsing through the pages is more user-friendly.
  • The number of sessions per user increased by 2%, telling us that visitors were coming back to explore more of the website.
  • The bounce rate decreased by 11% and shows us that visitors are landing on the website, having a positive experience and sticking around to learn more.

Old & New


A Visual Representation


A New Look

A Revamped Brand

  • Refreshing An Identity
    Because Shell Foundation is connected to Shell Group, a standalone brand is not an option. Working within the constraints that come with being part of a brand family, our brand team refreshed Shell Foundation’s visual identity with a new font and revamped wordmark.

  • Filters for Improved Functionality
    A major component of the new content strategy was a system for organizing and filtering Shell Foundation’s partners and projects. Content can be filtered by region, focus area, theme and/or project stage, allowing stakeholders to quickly zero in on the content most relevant to them.

  • The Bigger Picture
    Another part of the content strategy was to communicate what Shell Foundation does on a macro level, showcasing their two major focuses and the types of projects within them. We did this with an interactive infographic, which shows the Foundation’s big picture, and how the various components fit together.

A Cohesive Brand

Shell Foundation’s new website simplifies the sometimes-complicated aspects of what they do, where, and with whom—in a way that looks and feels more human.

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