Case Study: Uncharted

Case Study

Entering Uncharted Territory

Founded in 2009, Unreasonable Institute spent its first few years supporting hundreds of ventures around the world by putting social entrepreneurs at the center of their work.

Over time their team came to realize that this model didn’t allow them to solve the world’s most persistent problems at scale. To do that, Unreasonable Institute evolved their model to establish themselves as something new and they needed a partner to help them develop a new identity.


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One Team

We became one team. That’s really unique. It wasn’t Briteweb + Uncharted; they were on our team and we were on theirs. The word ‘client’ is so weird to me in this relationship. It didn’t feel like a client-agency thing; we were friends and peers. Briteweb cared just as much as we did.

— Laura Schwecherl, Director of Marketing and Communications


Putting Big Dents in Big Challenges

The Unreasonable Institute team understood and accepted the necessity of a rename and rebrand, but approached it with trepidation. This was a team so committed to their existing brand that some members had it tattooed on their bodies. Briteweb’s challenge was to help Unreasonable Institute establish an identity that they loved as much – or, better yet, even more.

We began the process by spending two full days with the organization’s head-office team in a workshop, which allowed us to create a positioning statement that captured what differentiates them in the impact accelerator space, and a brand personality that encapsulates ‘who’ the organization is.


A New Direction


  • 1,000 New Possibilities
    Unreasonable Institute’s brand personality became a major driver in our naming process. Three naming strategists generated a list of more than 1,000 possibilities. The list was whittled down to the strongest contenders and presented to the team. Ultimately one option stood above the rest. The name that seemed to best encapsulate Unreasonable Institute’s new direction – and the irrepressible spirit with which they were pursuing it – was Uncharted.

  • An Ever-Evolving Logo
    To bring Uncharted’s new identity to life, our creative team designed a colorful, dynamic logo system that represents Uncharted’s vibrant personality – and its always-evolving approach to solving ever-changing problems. Like the organization itself, the deconstructed logo holds boundless potential to shift and show up distinctly wherever and however it’s applied.

  • Content Created For All Audiences
    The new website needed to speak to the wants and needs of a growing number of corporate and government stakeholders without alienating the social entrepreneurs who were, and always would be, vital to Uncharted’s approach. So, we created audience profiles and a content strategy that would provide the information each group wanted and that would fulfil the experience they needed while interacting with the website.

  • Unveiling A New Identity
    Once the content strategy and user experience were sorted, it was time for our design team to have some fun. In the weeks prior to the public launch of the new Uncharted brand, the Briteweb team worked closely with Uncharted to develop a launch plan, that would create excitement among Uncharted’s existing supporters and encourage them to act as champions of the new brand.

  • Support All Around
    When the clock struck launch, our team watched proudly as Uncharted’s community poured in their support for the new direction – online and offline. And was it as good as Unreasonable Institute? Turns out, it was even better. The day after launch, Uncharted Founder and CEO Teju Ravilochan summed up his experience: "We would not be here without [Briteweb]. Everything just looks incredible. You guys have done such a thoughtful, caring, and wonderful job helping us build an identity that we are proud of!"



A New Identity In Practice

  • Uncharted_Magazine_Spread_Branding_Dark

  • Uncharted_Magazine_Cover_branding_Dark

  • Uncharted_web_design_branding_mockup_02

  • Mockup of Uncharted Website and Mobile Site Design showcasing their new brand 01

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