Rockefeller Foundation Digital Storytelling Report

Briteweb May 26, 2014

We view stories as one of the most powerful ways to achieve understanding, engagement, and to facilitate the spread of ideas, opinions and emotions. With digital technology changing the way we interact, storytelling has become the centre point for interaction and connection.

Working with some of the most thoughtful and innovative social change leaders, we help them communicate the incredible work they do with others. We help them identify the stories that invite the reader (ex. possible donor, volunteer, community member) into the narrative, provide a meaningful look into the culture of the organization and an understanding of their work.

However this is often easier said than done. Many organizations face challenges in defining the clear objectives and tangible actions they are looking for readers to take. Publishing a powerful story is one thing, but the value to the organization comes when you can have the reader engage with your organization further: the story is the first step in the experience arc.

These challenges are symptoms of a greater systemic obstacle facing impact organizations: the misallocation or lack of capacity within their teams to execute effective storytelling. Often the daunting tasks of story curation, writing, posting, and follow up falls on one individual or a small group without the proper skills. To truly succeed, there needs to be a strong culture of storytelling where everyone from the administrative staff to the Executive Director fully understand it’s importance.

The new report on digital storytelling by The Rockefeller Foundation touches on a lot of the challenges we see everyday in our work in the impact sector. With more and more organizations rethinking their content strategies, this report is timely and highly applicable.

The Rockefeller Foundation commissioned this study as a first step towards generating a toolkit of techniques and technologies to enhance the practice of digital storytelling for social impact, inspiring organizations to tell more, and better, stories and increase engagement.

“The Foundation recognizes a big opportunity in this intersection of story and technology, and has launched a project to consider the role that digital technology can play in elevating the practice of storytelling as a means to improve the well-being of the poor and vulnerable around the world.”

Briteweb was pleased to participate in the study alongside industry leaders that include TIME magazine, Blue State Digital, Charity: Water, Red Cross, and more.


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