The Future of Work

Briteweb Labs


Briteweb Labs is the result of a multiyear focus on the Future of Work that began in 2014. We’ve spent the last four years testing and refining methods for organizing remote and distributed teams, creating a vibrant distributed community of talent, working from over 25 cities around the world. 

Through our experiences, we’ve seen how current practices, tools and technology can support modern knowledge workers, as well as a number of gaps where there are opportunities to innovate. Briteweb Labs is focused on those gaps and opportunities and finding solutions to improve the way we approach work for the 21st century.

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Nature of Work

Nature of Work helps individuals and teams discover their full potential, deep creativity and peak performance mindset. We know that when people can get focused on what's most important to them show up with the right mindset, creativity and clarity — anything is possible. Through a cognitive psychology and behavioral neuroscience lens, we help individuals and teams understand how focus, attention, creativity and mindset can be optimized to create more capacity, wellness and longterm engagement.

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  • Briteweb leads a design thinking workshop

Briteminds is a public marketplace of highly curated creative talent focused on solving the world’s social impact challenges. Our current active beta is the Briteweb Network.

The Briteweb Network is a carefully curated community of like-minded creatives who share a passion for our purpose, and an affinity for affecting change through collaboration with our clients. By opening our ranks to the best and brightest minds in our field, regardless of location, our clients are able to get the absolute best out their partnerships with us.

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Britetime is a digital tool for freelancers to easily broadcast their availability to potential clients, accept bookings and manage their workload. Hang tight. It's coming soon!

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Deep Focus

Deep Focus is an app that runs on laptops to help individuals and teams create distraction-free time throughout their workday. Check back soon for updates.

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