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Nature of Work

Nature of Work

Nature of Work helps individuals and teams discover their full potential, creativity and developing a peak performance mindset. Ultimately, our goal is to help people feel more present and energized in every moment of their lives. We know that when people focus in on the things that are most important to them and when they show up with the right mindset, creativity and clarity — anything is possible.



Increasing Performance and Wellness at Work

In today’s knowledge economy, we rely on the intelligence, creativity and mindset of our people. Yet our habits, communications and workplaces are inhibiting the level of focus and performance we need for success. Technology has been layered into our daily workflows without considering the affects on people’s focus, attention and well-being.

Productivity is going down as technology integration increases, and we’re experiencing more chronic stress, anxiety and mental illness in the workplace than ever before. For individuals, this affects happiness, well-being and ability to perform, for teams and leaders it means more sick days, less engagement and lower retention rates.

Nature of Work offerings are based on decades of evidence-based research that we’ve compiled into a set of workshops and tools designed to help individuals and teams dramatically increase their productivity and wellness at work.

We’re focused on digital/knowledge workers, with a particular expertise in freelancers and remote or distributed teams. Our work is grounded in research as well as road-tested experience running a large team of remote and digital workers.

Through a cognitive psychology and behavioral neuroscience lens, we help individuals and teams understand how focus, attention, creativity and mindset can be optimized to create more capacity, wellness and longterm engagement. While our work has a strong scientific foundation, our approach is focused on results and practical application, understanding the realities of running and working within fast-paced businesses.


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