Director of Client Services

Brodie Wasserman

  • Image of Brodie Wasserman - Account Director

A true people person, Brodie cultivates genuine, lasting relationships with our clients, from the day we begin a conversation to the moment we say goodbye. In fact, most of the time we don’t have to say goodbye; 95% of our clients come back to work with us again. We know Brodie has a lot to do with that.

Brodie’s favourite thing about his role is the daily opportunity to learn about new organizations that are doing innovative and unexpected things in pursuit of social impact. His innate empathy and curiosity inspire him to become absorbed in an organization, allowing him to zero in on what they need and how our team can help them.

Brodie began his career fundraising for BC Cancer Foundation, then moved into corporate recruiting. Though he learned a lot in that role, and was a top performer, he felt a strong pull to return to the social sector. When he stumbled upon Briteweb, he could see straight away that we were a perfect fit.

When he’s not strategizing with clients, Brodie can be found playing with his two terrier mutts, Tony and Ninja, watching horror movies, or emceeing charity events in his underwear.

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