Director of Strategy

Geoffrey Daniel

Geoffrey leads strategy at Briteweb, collaborating with the design and development teams to create compelling experiences online and offline. With 20+ years of experience leading large teams through digital transformation, Geoffrey has successfully established and evolved organizational practices that champion what’s best for the brand – and the end-user.

Having worked in organizations spanning healthcare, government, and higher education, Geoffrey is known for leading with empathy, collaboration, and focus on building performant teams passionate about positive outcomes. Over the course of his career, he has led numerous organizations through digital transformation and is familiar with doing so under urgent or tumultuous circumstances – such as West Nile in 2016 and COVID-19 in 2020.

Geoffrey is also a member of the organizing board of the Design and Content conference in Vancouver, which has sought to advance diversity and raise marginalized voices in technology. The conference, and its emphasis on providing opportunities for individuals normally excluded from the dominant dialogues in the tech sector, has been an immensely positive force locally and across the wider industry.

When he can tear himself away from a screen he is an avid photographer, an average snowshoer, a substandard sommelier but an above-average wine enthusiast.

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