Director of Operations

Hayley Norwood

  • Photo of Hayley Norwood - HR & Operations Manager

Hayley says she was initially attracted to Briteweb’s supportive and human-centered culture. So it’s fitting that cultivating and preserving that culture has become a major part of Hayley’s role as Director of Operations.

Hayley stays connected with everyone in the Briteweb family – both our core team in New York and Vancouver, and our networkers around the world – and makes sure everyone is happy, engaged and inspired. She’s been instrumental in building the Briteweb Network – a multidisciplinary team of professionals with a range of talents and a shared passion for social impact.

Hayley says the teambuilding and culture component of her role satisfies the empathetic side of her personality, but she’s also highly analytical, making her an effective operations manager. A perfect day for Hayley is one where the team is happy and the spreadsheets are balanced. Thanks to her, that’s every day at Briteweb.

Hayley is the prototypical Vancouverite. She likes yoga, walking around the Stanley Park Seawall, and exploring the city through food with her husband. In 2017, Hayley and her husband welcomed a daughter, Madeline.  Since Hayley is essentially our team mom, it seems only appropriate she was the first to bring a baby into the Briteweb family.

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