Director of Project Operations

Kelly Ostrowercha

  • Photo of Kelly Ostrowercha - Director of Project Operations

Kelly’s overarching purpose is to make lives easier—both our team’s and our clients’. Her capacity to keep a multitude of projects on track, on time and on budget without missing a beat is remarkable to everyone who works with her, making her the perfect person to manage and mentor our project management team.

Kelly says it’s in her nature to want to know a bit about everything – sales, strategy, human resources, development, and design – and to organize and make improvements wherever she can. An important part of her leadership role is process optimization: continuously adapting and streamlining our processes in a way that fits the needs of our clients while keeping pace with rapid change within both Briteweb and the digital industry.

When she’s not keeping everything on track at Briteweb, Kelly can be found wandering in nature. Originally from Ontario, she can’t get enough of BC’s mountains and spends as much time as she can climbing up them and snowboarding down them. She also loves to travel and takes full advantage of Briteweb’s work-from-anywhere philosophy.

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