Director of Operations, People & Culture

Zephaniah Wong

Passionate about finding ways to support, inspire and activate the potential in others, Zeph has always been focused on building deep client and team relationships. He has a reputation for drawing unsuspecting people into a 3+ hour vortex of deep philosophical conversation. Grab a coffee and pull up a chair – you’ve been warned!

Having spent most of his career in both the consulting and startup worlds, Zeph was naturally drawn to social impact – it was a perfect fit from day one. He brings deep understanding of project delivery and process optimization, coupled with his graduate studies in leadership, enabling him to focus on ensuring that Briteweb’s team is supported with all of the tools, process and connection necessary to achieve peak potential and maximize client value.

When he’s not thinking about ways to maximize human potential, Zeph spends his time either hitting the books, or hitting the pads while continuing close to 2 decades of martial arts training.

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