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Calling All Creative Freelancers Looking to Make an Impact


Announcing the Briteweb Network

Briteweb July 25, 2016

At Briteweb, we have the privilege of working with changemakers from all over world. Our clients are national and international non-profits, foundations and social venture for-profits.

We often get asked by creatives how we’re able to run a successful agency focused entirely on working with clients who have a social mission.  It’s clear that there is a growing community of creatives that want their work to have deeper meaning. For many of you, it’s no longer enough for work to simply pay the bills.

We believe it’s possible to invest your talent and your time into projects that align with your values. We believe it so much that we founded our agency on it! Now we’re taking major steps to create more opportunities for passionate creatives to deliver impact through their work.

That’s where you come in.

We’re gearing up to launch a new initiative for a select group of brand and digital strategists, designers, copywriters and developers, called the Briteweb Network. It’s going to deliver best in class service to many more non-profits, foundations and social ventures, while generating income and opportunities for talented creatives (like you?).

The Network combines all the aspects of an incredible work-life balance:

  • Freedom and control over when and where you work
  • A community of like-minded friends, peers and mentors to share the journey
  • Access to training, events, tools and processes to deliver world-class work and become a stronger leader
  • A digital platform to keep you connected with the community and your projects on track
  • Sales, billing, and administrative back-end services so you can focus on creating
  • A chance to be proud of the work you do every day
  • And most importantly, getting paid well to work with organizations that are changing the world

If that sounds good to you, join our early access list so we can keep you updated and let you know when applications open this summer. To start, we’re focused on finding brand and digital strategists, designers, copywriters and developers in North American time zones, or those willing to be available during at least 2-4 North American working hours.

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