Strengthening Nonprofits During COVID19


Strengthening Nonprofits During COVID19

Briteweb May 14, 2020

It can sometimes feel like we’re powerless, especially in challenging situations. But it’s the little things — a friendly smile, delivering groceries to a neighbor, or staying inside to protect others — that make a difference. 

Right now, nonprofits, foundations, and purpose-driven businesses are needed more than ever, but funding has come to a complete halt for many. At Briteweb, we’re all about amplifying the impact of global changemakers, and that hasn’t changed.

We gave $200 to each person on our team to donate to a cause they’re personally passionate about so that we can give organizations the boost they desperately need.



Who Our Team Donated to and Why

Small Dog Rescue BC

“During this time there has been a significant increase in dog surrenders. I volunteer with this rescue organization, assisting to transfer dogs from very rural areas to their rescue in the Lower Mainland. I have seen first-hand the amount of work, dedication, and care that the animals receive. Most come in with emergency medical issues. Small Dog Rescue BC Society‘s mission is to place shelter and stray dogs of all ages, some that would otherwise be euthanized.” – Rhonda Friesen, Finance Manager


“This time is particularly difficult for single moms. My mom is a single mom and luckily we are all grown up now, but some aren’t so lucky. My mom did absolutely everything in her power to give us the best life possible, she worked tirelessly day in and out. If she had her income taken away we would have lost everything, our house, our food, everything. I truly can’t imagine the feeling that moms are having right now, not only do they have to look after themselves but also their little ones. With income gone for so many, they aren’t only going to be struggling now but for a while as they go more and more into debt. Organizations like Mom2Mom provide them the support they need.” – Yasmeen Sadain, HR & Operations Manager

DTES Response Fund

“Most folks in the DTES don’t have the option of isolation. If they have housing, it’s often in close quarters SROs, and many don’t have housing at all. COVID-19 is a significant risk to this population, and DTES Response Fund is mobilizing resources to mitigate the risk.” – Jeff Sagal, Principal Developer


Other worthy causes our team donated to:

Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House

Provides programming, and educational, leadership, social and recreational opportunities to residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Website.

Order of St John Palliative Care Foundation

Dedicated to the support of palliative care in B.C., partnering with other organizations active in hospice and palliative care. Website.

Kamloops Food Bank

An organziation that provides food to the hungry in the Kamloops area. Website.

Pacific Autism Family Network

A network of supports for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families across the province. Website.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Provides regular, critical, direct food support to over 8,000 children, seniors, and people with disabilities. Website.

PLEA Community Services

Delivers unique services, tailored to individual strengths and needs, to children, youth, adults, and families facing significant challenges. Website.


A charitable organization that supports mothers and caregivers in crisis by providing ongoing support to individuals and families facing various poverty-related struggles. Website.

Our Place Society

An inner-city community centre serving Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable: working poor, impoverished elderly, mentally and physically challenged, addicted and the homeless. Website.

Breakfast Club of Canada

An organization that delivers breakfast programs, which ensure that all students have reliable access to nutritious food in a safe and supportive environment. Website.

PACE Society

A peer-driven organization located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver that provides support, advocacy, and education by, with, and for current and former sex workers of all genders. Website.


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