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The Briteweb team knows all too well that when I gather my thoughts on virtually anything, an analogy is often born.

We’re rounding the bend of 2022. And as I reflect on what our team, our work, our clients, and our future look like, a picture forms in my mind of what it must be like to prepare for a long-haul journey into unfamiliar waters.

If the last few years tell me anything, it’s that the next few months will fly by. In the last three years, it’s been remarkable to see the team continue to shine — nurturing relationships, remaining loyal and committed to insight-driven work, and leading with integrity throughout.

They’ve done it all while riding the waves of uncertainty the world keeps sending to shore, challenging us and deepening the strength and resolve we have at Briteweb to leave this world a better place through the work that we do.

Longstanding partnerships & exciting new relationships

I’m proud of this evolution and not just because it’s been a fun ride and I work every day with a team I thoroughly enjoy. I’m proud of this evolution because we’ve continued to make an impact with longstanding partnerships, while forging  new client relationships that spark immense pride and inspiration.

In 2021, we launched full rebrands and new websites for Accion Opportunity FundecoligoB.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy, and Global Communities. We saw Ocean WiseCanadians For Leading Edge Alzheimer Research, and Trees for The Future go live earlier this year.

Knowing what’s kicking off and launching in the weeks and months to come, I’ve truly never been more excited about what’s just beyond the horizon.

Growing the Briteweb team & getting B Corp certified

As we helped grow the impact of our clients, we also grew our own talent pool. We invested in and expanded our team at Briteweb by deepening our project management bench and adding to our development team.

Inviting the RallyRally team onboard last fall has been an immeasurable benefit to the team. That they were, and continue to be, aligned in all the ways that matter most to Briteweb has propelled us forward while maintaining all the momentum, wisdom, and potential built up since the beginning of Briteweb.

We also undertook the intensive process of applying for B Corp certification. A four-month undertaking, with indispensable guidance and support from the Decade Impact team, resulted in a renewed sense of visibility and appreciation for the breadth and depth of social change we have the privilege to influence in our work.

Reflecting on the Briteweb brand, our mission & our values

  • We applied a critical lens to our language and messaging to identify unintended biases or missed opportunities to further reinforce our commitments to equity and inclusion.

  • We navigated a collaborative refresh of our values, keeping some long standing favourites, while introducing new points that better represent who we are, who we want to attract, and how we want to grow.

  • We reflected on how we were articulating our service offerings, with boundaries between digital and branding feeling more interwoven and less representative of the breadth and creativity we have brought to projects that don’t as neatly fall into either category.

  • We considered what needs to evolve within our visual identity.

Venturing forward & beyond together

Honouring all that’s made Briteweb such a special place to be and agency to work with is important to me. I’m in awe of how much of the roots have stood the test of time and will be part of our future — with a few evolutions in how we work, how we sound and what we will look like.

The new Briteweb will be unveiled in the weeks ahead. A refreshed brand and updated website are on their way. We can’t wait to show you.