An Impact Accelerator Workshop for Social Sector Organizations


When you’re a small non-profit, it’s easy to feel like there isn’t time or money for branding or communications.

You’re overwhelmed by attracting top talent at non-profit salaries, then keeping them focused and motivated while raising enough money to deliver your services, communicating with stakeholders and getting them to engage and partner with your organization.

The catch is, all of these activities cost more, take longer and are less successful without clarity around your brand fundamentals. A powerful brand strategy is the foundation of everything you do as an organization.

Brandcamp compresses months of work into a two-day intensive bootcamp that covers all the fundamentals of a strong brand foundation.

Brand Strategy

A communications framework that crystalizes:

  • WHY you do what you do
  • WHAT you stand for and makes you unique
  • WHO you’re communicating with
  • HOW you communicate

And specifies the language to communicate all of this effectively and consistently. By doing so, more people will resonate with your purpose – making hiring, fundraising, engagement and deployment easier and more effective.

The Process

We begin by examining what makes your organization unique and impactful. From there, you will be guided through a step-by-step process that will deliver a brand strategy that communicates from the inside-out. The process is immersive, engaging and based on a peer-learning methodology.

The Deliverables

Participants walk away with all of the core elements of a strong communications foundation: Brand positioning statement, audience profiles, brand personality, organizational bio and talking points, and a brand activation guide.

The Brand Activation Guide offers tips and best practices for applying your brand strategy. Beyond the tangible assets, you’ll walk away with, you’ll have a general feeling of clarity about who you are, what you do, and the people you serve. You’ll also have a peer network to connect with and draw inspiration and advice from into the future.

The Benefits of the Briteweb Workshop Model

Intersectionality: Collaborating with a diverse cohort of organizations offers participants the chance to share insights across focus areas.

Capacity Building: A comprehensive brand strategy foundation increases efficacy and accelerates the impact an organization can have.

Peer Learning: Participants learn a great deal by sharing ideas with one another, through active learning and by working in groups.

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