Purpose, Vision & Values

Purpose, Vision & Values

Your organization’s ability to hire and retain an inspired team, develop an authentic brand and digital presence, make targeted impact, and thrive for years to come depends on being crystal clear on why you exist, where you are going, and what behaviors set you apart and drive your success. We work with you, intimately, to excavate and articulate what is unique and authentic to your organization and how it sets a path for your culture, strategy, and communications.


We are pretty confident you already have a mission statement. But does it really capture your mission? Does it clearly state what you do and is it distinct from, but aligned with, your vision (where you are going) and your purpose (why you do what you do?)? Above all, does your mission provide direction, clarity for your people, partners, and strategy?

At Briteweb, we know how important properly articulating and activating mission is for an organization’s success. We also know that it’s easy to get it wrong or cram too much into it or say it in a way that feels generic. We take great care to work with you to discover and clarify your what and then help you say it in a way that leaves no question as to what you do. The result are employees that are confident in their work and ideas, funders and grantees that find certainty in their partnership, and less question about the impact you are born to make.


All social impact organizations are in “purposeful” space but unless you can clearly articulate why you exist, potential can be unfulfilled. Purpose is what get us up in the morning inspired to do great work. Purpose is your organization’s unwavering North Star. It is who you are, who you aspire to be, and your unique role in the world. Purpose leads to sustained behavioral change for an organization and its people. Purpose drives everything you do and nothing is more important than understanding it, clearly stating it, and putting it to work for maximum impact.

At Briteweb, we take purpose seriously because we know it can make or break how focused, aligned, and effective an organization is. So, let us work with you to articulate and unleash the power of your purpose.


While purpose is why you exist, vision is where you are going. Together, they form a symbiotic relationship that keeps your organization focused on the right strategic decisions, attracting the right people, and making the impact you are called to do. Whether it is vision for your team, your grant-making, or your programming, Briteweb works with you to light the way for cultural, organizational, and programmatic success.

We know that it’s easy to get pulled in multiple directions, each decision making it harder to stay focused on the impact you want to make and the partners and people you need to make it happen. An intentional vision that reflects your purpose can set the stage for years of growth and impact.


Your organization has behaviors and beliefs that are authentic and specific to you. When articulated in your language, these values would feel out of place in any other organization. Values help us make the right decisions, put a priority on what is most important to us, and are a lens by which to attract, retain, and inspire your people.

Briteweb knows that inside every organization is something truly special: culture, history, stories, and defining moments. We work with you to draw these out and then articulate core values so that you nod with a smile and share them widely.

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