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Masterclass: Build a Strategic Communications Framework

Samantha Langdorf July 22, 2019

We recently partnered with our friends at Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) on the launch of their MasterClass series: Build a Strategic Communications Framework that Activates Your Target Audience

In this interactive workshop, Briteweb’s Director of Strategy, Samantha Langdorf, shared her proven method for developing a strategic communications framework. Using real-world examples, she walks through how optimal engagement comes to life at the intersection of your audience profiles, value proposition and brand personality.

Here’s a peek at the class:

You can access the full MasterClass free for members of SEA, or for $35 for non-members.

SEA is a national membership org that provides social enterprises with the resources they need to succeed, support and grow social entrepreneurship on a national scale. To learn more click here.

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