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How to Write an RFP

How to Write an RFP

Writing an RFP (request for proposal) is 80% about identifying the challenge, objectives and finding strategic alignment amongst stakeholders across the organization. The other 20% is spent on documenting all of this in a succinct manner, in the form of an RFP. This workshop will get you 80% of the way there.

Whether you’ve been tasked with managing a website rebuild, a brand redesign or any number of other projects, this facilitated workshop will help set your organization up for proposal success in less time and with less pain than traditional processes (read: Google rabbit holes and asking friends at other orgs for a copy of their most recent RFP).

We will work with you to determine who needs to be in the room to ensure success. Then we’ll take you through a series of deep-dive activities designed to identify your goals, needs, and objectives, while helping the necessary team members reach strategic alignment.

Our workshops are tailored to meet the unique requirements of your team and can be held in person or digitally, and there is no obligation to partner with our agency for your project.

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