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The Green Line

A radically unique brand design for a radically different publication


  • Brand Guidelines
  • Branding
  • Logos and Visual Identity Systems
  • Publications
  • Website Development
  • Brand Strategy and Messaging
  • Collateral Design
  • Naming
  • Website Design

The Challenge

Anita Li, a decorated journalist and experienced publisher, sought out a creative agency to help her bring her vision for a Toronto-based publication to life. More importantly, she was looking for a partner who understood the social change space and was equally equipped to deliver a thoughtful name, brand and website that accurately reflected her vision for the publication.

The Green Line would engage Toronto’s Gen Z and millennial communities in social action through focused deep-dives into social issues. It would be presented in the new structure of an Action Journey, a 4-part method: initiating with an explainer article, sharing a featured story, hosting a community event, and concluding with solutions for change.

The publication needed a design and web team that could think strategically about content, information architecture, user experience and create a design and digital experience that would seamlessly integrate the Action Journeys.

The Insight

We began the process by involving their team in creative workshops and investigative interviews in order to identify their brand story, persona, and audience. The brand development then centered itself around an authentic tone and design that would be approachable to Gen Z, millennials and other underserved groups.

The Green Line brand name was born from the inspiration of the subway line that connects all of Toronto from east to west, making the city accessible to all members of the community. The line became a motif across the overall design, used as a dividing line, connecting line, or line of separation.

The team chose an identity that was unique, colourful, gritty, and bold. We created a brand package including a logo, messaging, colour palette, typography, and visual devices that allowed for a flexible range of expression for their diverse storytelling.

The Solution

When rolling out their brand, Briteweb supported The Green Line’s launch with a landing page that paired with their initial social media marketing. When the full website went live, it generated successful momentum in reaching the community with important conversations and solutions.

We are proud to share that since their debut, The Green Line has won multiple awards for product design and digital storytelling, and has its own show in partnership with CityNews. Anita has been invited to speak about the Green Line at various conferences, festivals, panels and other events around the world since its launch in 2022, and it continues to garner both local and global notoriety.

We’re so grateful to have been on this journey together, and have truly loved getting to know the whole team at The Green Line. Equipped with their stand-out branding, we have no doubt they’ll continue to grow, evolve, and continue to share important stories with the folks of Toronto and beyond.