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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


We celebrate our differences as much as our commonalities. And not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s essential to creating an innovative environment where we can best help you increase your impact in the social sector.

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Taking Action

In 2020, we saw revolutionary new energy with the potential to combat hundreds of years of systemic racism on the North American continent. Since then, we’ve deepened our commitment to continuous anti-racist learningand taken part in more action, more conversations, and more commitment to changing the institutions that uphold white supremacy and colonialism.

Structural change doesn’t happen overnight. Moreover, enacting meaningful change will look different across each individual organization. As we develop our response to the broader call for change, we are focusing on specific actions, like those detailed in our 2022-23 Reconciliation Action Plan, that we can do at Briteweb to move the needle—both for our team and in the impact we can create. We approach these efforts with humility and open minds, recognizing how much we have to learn as an organization. We’re not here to “fix” issues that have been entrenched for centuries; we’re joining a very old fight in order to move the needle in our own way. We also know that engaging with these issues, and inviting a wider range of voices and talent into our community, will benefit Briteweb, our partners, and our work.

Our Commitments

In 2020, we made a series of commitments to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within our company. As we moved into 2021, we shared an overview of our progress on each commitment and continued to enact positive change, learning and advocacy through learning sessions conducted throughout the year and a thorough review of our recruitment and onboarding practices.

In 2022, we are revisiting our internal frameworks for how we approach Diversity, Equity & Inclusion across each discipline, including how we can structure our EDI Working Group most effectively to institute additional positive changes and cross-discipline initiatives to continue to foster an environment of support and inclusion.

We are committed to engaging in greater dialogue with our team as we continue to build a more inclusive and welcoming community. Briteweb’s reason for being has always revolved around positive social impact. The lifelong work of anti-racism is a key part of creating the world we’re building together—and the world we all deserve to live in.

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Reconciliation Action Plan

Briteweb’s purpose and mission is founded in a commitment to community and social justice. Part of this path includes doing our part to rebuild relationships founded on trust with Indigenous communities across Turtle Island.

Life at Briteweb

It's our people who make us who we are. And we'd like to think our people are pretty great.