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Briteweb is

Proudly B Corp Certified

Being a people-first agency means that our work makes an impact beyond our office walls. As a Certified B Corporation, we use our business as a force for good.

What it means to be B Corp Certified

We believe in being the change you want to see in the world. And we want to see a world where businesses don’t simply exist to make a profit––they also make our world a better place.

As a Certified B Corporation, Briteweb is among a movement of organizations who use the power of business to solve the world’s most pressing global challenges.

Earning a certification from B Lab was a rigorous (18 month!) process and all aspects of our business were assessed, like how we treat our employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and environment.

To meet the B Corp performance requirement, a company must earn a minimum, verified score of 80 points on the B Impact Assessment, and Briteweb scored 110! Dive into the details on our B Corp assessment page.

Our Values

Our deep connection to one another is powered by purpose. These values drive why we’re here, who we are, and how we show up in the world every day.

Be Mindful

What happens during the workday is just part of the picture. We create space for everyone we work with to show up as their whole, authentic selves, because we believe that makes our relationships—with our clients and within the Briteweb team—realer, richer, and more rewarding. In every interaction, we should be striving to be in the “here and now.” Gently noticing what is happening around us without judgment. Challenging ourselves to remain in the present moment, even when it’s difficult or unfamiliar, and asking for support when we need it.

Stay Curious

Every day represents an opportunity to learn. Ask why. Search more. Participate. Create. Resist the urge to rest in the belief that being knowledgeable and experienced means we have it all figured out. Staying curious applies to our relationships with each other, too: assume good intentions, seek clarity when needed, and stay open to new perspectives. Together, we can create a space where questions are celebrated, effort acknowledged, and the unknown embraced.


We’re an empathetic bunch, which allows us to meet others where they are, understand their thoughts and feelings, and communicate in a way that inspires confidence and builds trust. At the end of the day, what we do is about people. Not pixels or programs or processes. People. You, your team, our clients, their communities. The better we understand them—including their lived experiences, challenges, needs, and abilities—the more our work will inspire confidence and build trust.

Open Hearts

Briteweb is an open door. We’re dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone feels not only welcome, but empowered and embraced for exactly who they are. To us, inclusion isn’t a line item in a report or a box to be ticked. It’s an ongoing commitment to creating space for everyone. To shifting our practices in service of a world with more dignity, justice, and belonging. To continuous reflection, reconciliation, and growth.

In It Together

Our best work happens when we collaborate, because our different perspectives and experiences complement each other. Our teams are cross-functional and our roles cross-disciplinary; though we’re clear on our respective responsibilities, there’s no such thing as “their job” or “my job.” Success is our collective responsibility. With our client partners, we act as an extension of their team; they, in turn, become part of Briteweb. And because everyone’s roles are so intertwined, it’s extra important that every member of each project team is communicative and accountable for their own contribution, from start to finish.

Some of the ways we operate as a Certified B Corporation:

  • We employ a highly diverse team, representing many backgrounds and abilities.
  • We take care of our employees with extensive healthcare and wellness benefits.
  • We participate in community engagement initiatives, employee volunteering, and practice social action.
  • We intentionally choose vendors dedicated to social and environmental sustainability.
  • We create a culture where our team respects and follows our company’s Code of Ethics.
photo of a black dog wearing a paper sign that reads "Certified B Corporation"

This purpose-driven commitment means that we not only care about our planet, our people, and our clients—we take action, together, to build a more equitable and sustainable world.

Jill de Chavez
Managing Director
three women talking happily under trees

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We celebrate our differences as much as our commonalities. And not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s essential to creating an innovative environment where we can best help you increase your impact in the social sector.

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Reconciliation Action Plan

Briteweb’s purpose and mission is founded in a commitment to community and social justice. Part of this path includes doing our part to rebuild relationships founded on trust with Indigenous communities across Turtle Island.