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Accessibility Statement


We want our website to be accessible to everyone. And that includes people with disabilities.

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Creating web experiences accessible to people with diverse abilities is especially important for the social change organizations we work with. Like them, we value inclusivity and make it part of our mission to make our work and our content accessible to everyone who wants to use it.

Here are the steps we’ve taken to make our website accessible and usable to everyone:

  • We have followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA, a widely recognized international standard for web accessibility, as our benchmark for accessibility.

  • We have implemented accessibility features, such as alternative text for images, descriptive buttons and links, and proper headings and semantic structure, to make our content more accessible to screen reader users.

  • We use colour contrast ratios to accommodate people who are colour-blind or have impaired vision.

  • We have implemented valid ARIA attributes and roles throughout our website to ensure accessible navigation with assistive technologies. These attributes and roles provide additional information to screen readers, enabling all users to navigate and interact with our website more effectively.

  • Our form elements are designed with associative labels, which means that each form field is explicitly associated with its corresponding label. 

  • We have tested our website using a variety of accessibility testing tools to identify and fix any potential barriers to accessibility.

  • We are continually monitoring and updating our website to maintain its accessibility and to incorporate new technologies and best practices for accessibility.

Here are the services and accommodations Briteweb has implemented to ensure our interactions with clients and partners inclusive and accessible:

  • Offering hybrid and Zoom events

  • Having live automated captioning available on Zoom

  • Inviting spoken or written communication 

  • Flexible and accommodating work hours

  • Considering a diversity of movement/accessibility for in-person retreats and events

  • Extending Wellness benefits to cover accessibility offers

  • Extended benefits to cover paramedical services

Do you have feedback for us?

If you experience any accessibility barriers on our website, or notice an area where could improve the experience for everyone, please email us at We’ll respond and make a plan for discussing how we can address any accessibility issues.  

Thank you for your support in making Briteweb more accessible and inclusive for everyone.