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Case Study

ecoligo, Investing in Our Green Future

Based in Germany and overseeing a rapidly expanding portfolio of clean energy projects all over the globe, ecoligo exists to save the world from the disastrous effects of climate change. To do that, they bring together private investors and companies in emerging markets that want to switch to solar, but have difficulty accessing the financing they need to do so. 

When our partnership with ecoligo kicked off, it was immediately evident how dynamic and inspiring their team was. Their brand did not have the same effect. First, they needed a brand strategy and visual identity—followed quickly by a website—that communicated with the same infectious passion as ecoligo’s people. Conveying the importance and the urgency of the work they’re doing to save our planet, and inspiring their stakeholder groups—who are diverse in function, location and language—to get on board. 


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‘Who’ is ecoligo? Holding up a mirror.

First, our brand strategy team had to reconcile the differences between the ecoligo we experienced during meetings and the one that existed online. Brand strategy isn’t about creating something out of thin air so much as it’s an exercise of reflecting what already exists. We ask questions, we listen and then we articulate what it is we see. In the case of ecoligo, that meant dialing up the emotional elements of their brand and making their core purpose—to help save the planet—central to their brand identity. For their brand personality, we created a custom brand archetype that was pivotal to this shift. The ecoligo team loved and embraced this creative device, which guided the creation of all brand materials going forward, from their logo and color palette to the copy on their website. More than ever, ecoligo’s brand identity clearly communicates why they’re doing what they’re doing—and why others should join their climate crusade. 

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About This Project

Two Become One

Briteweb is used to building websites that serve the diverse needs of various audience groups. But the information architecture for ecoligo’s site was especially complex. Previously, ecoligo had two completely separate sites, with distinct domains, that addressed the needs of their two broad audience groups: crowd investors and solar clients. After seeking Briteweb’s guidance on the benefits and drawbacks of keeping the sites separate versus merging them, ecoligo ultimately agreed with our recommendation to combine the sites as a single

Doing so meant designing a digital experience that worked for two dramatically different audience types—one of which was primarily located in Germany, while members of the other broad group were dispersed around the world. The audiences also spoke a range of different languages. Each had their own motivations for visiting the site, and needed to take different actions once there. How, then, to create a cohesive user experience for all visitors, regardless of their relationship to ecoligo? 

Our UX designer decided to create separate sitemaps that catered to each audience type, allowing our team to focus on the distinct conversion path for each persona, while highlighting areas in which content crossed over between the two audiences. When the two architectures were eventually merged, we were able to create a content strategy that fulfilled the needs of each audience type in a way that was intuitive for all users, and made it easy for them to find what they were looking for, in their preferred language. 

To meet ecoligo’s language needs, we used the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) and Multisite to launch in an initial seven languages, with room to add more as ecoligo continues to grow into new regions in the Global South. 

In the end, the result was a beautiful, functional multilingual website that caters to the needs of all audiences. And one that better reflects the indomitable spirit with which the company approaches its critically important work. 

Learn more about how ecoligo is inspiring people around the world to get invested in the climate fight.

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