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Trust Her

An awareness campaign that eliminates barriers to birth control access


  • Campaigns
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  • Web
  • Graphic Design
  • Video and Animation

The Challenge

In response to restricted women’s health access, the Trust Her program answered to the demand for contraception by expanding access to women’s health services. This Dallas-based organization provides free birth control to those who could not otherwise afford it. So when covering fees for any and all birth control methods, they make it possible for women to plan their futures and achieve their life goals.

When Trust Her sought to spread awareness about their resources, they came to Briteweb. We took on the challenge of building a campaign that could find folks in the community who need their support and bring them into their clinics.

The Insight

The heart of this campaign centered on ensuring that the right information reached the right people. In order to learn more about our target audience and discover what resonates with them most, the campaign development kicked off with a community-wide survey. Results from this survey helped us narrow our audience to women in Dallas ages 18-34 and revealed specific reasons why access to birth control is important to them. These key findings guided the friendly tone to our language and visuals, providing an approachable feeling to a sensitive topic.

We utilized journey mapping to outline the goal of this awareness campaign. Our strategy would ensure that women are informed of Trust Her’s resources to free and affordable birth control, find out where to access it, and how to take action to get it.

The Solution

We conceptualized a campaign that emphasized the local convenience of these services–that free birth control is just steps away, easily available at clinics across the city. We embodied this familiar idea of location searching with the tagline “Free Birth Control Near Me” paired with graphics of a stylized Dallas city map marked with pins. This accomplished a dual strategy of improving SEO while providing a clear message to an early-adult demographic seeking birth control solutions.

The campaign posters were spread across the city in clinic locations, local businesses, street advertising kiosks while digital versions were shared on social media channels. And to assist the new incoming traffic from the wide-spread awareness, we spruced up their website with a mini-redesign to match the campaign visuals. We’re thrilled to help increase the exposure of Trust Her’s mission and cheer them on as they continue to support girls and women in their community.