Case Study: Future of Food

Case Study

Future of Food: Bold Website for Bold Approach to Food Systems Transformation

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food (Future of Food) is an international alliance of foundations committed to working together to reshape food systems around the world. Future of Food works strategically to generate insights, facilitate convenings, and build initiatives to stimulate local and global change. 

Future of Food came to Briteweb seeking a website that could speak to a wide range of audiences and clarify who they are, what they do, and how they do it. With a broad base of stakeholders who hold unique relationships to food systems transformation, Future of Food needed a site that would facilitate ease of access to information about their work and showcase the resources they have to offer. 


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Positioning Future of Food as a Leader in Transforming Food Systems

As a funder collaborative, the Future of Food tackles food systems transformation through three main strategic approaches: (1) developing and sharing evidence-based tools, (2) hosting multidisciplinary convenings where stakeholders work together to generate action, and (3) stewarding initiatives for change at local and global levels. 

Through our initial Discovery process, we gathered some core opportunities for the content strategy and user experience on the new site. We needed to:

  • clearly articulate who and what the Future of Food is and does, as well as  the core principles and vision that guide their work;
  • convey the holistic and interconnected nature of the Future of Food’s multi-prong strategy; 
  • streamline navigability and flows, so that site visitors could seamlessly and intuitively access resources and content they were looking for; and
  • highlight on-the-ground narratives and stories to highlight how the Future of Food transforms food systems in concrete ways; 

A central point of discussion throughout research and design was: what do we want people to know and understand about the Future of Food when they visit the site? Through stakeholder interviews and surveys within the Discovery phase, as well as discussions and interactive workshops within the Content Strategy phase, we found that it would be imperative to  center principles, vision, strategic approaches, and resources in order to effectively communicate who the Future of Food in. Our Discovery process also revealed the importance of leading with the how and what of the organization, so as we shaped the information architecture of the new site, we landed on a simplified global navigation that centered their approach to food systems transformation and their work.

We knew that the home page would be an essential space in which to communicate the central elements of their work: the seven guiding principles, the three core strategy areas, and some key resources and publications. Through a flip-card style interactive module, along with custom illustrations, we were able to showcase the guiding principles front and center on the home page, setting the tone and stage for visitors to see what guides the Future of Food’s insights, convenings, and initiatives.

Future of Food guiding principles

Another core asset of the Future of Food’s work are their resources, ranging from videos and talks to research-based frameworks to case studies of food systems transformation on the ground. We built a library of resources, stories, and news, and with options to highlight and curate featured content in order to invite visitors to peruse content. The library offers two main filters — for Topics and Types — in order to support audiences in quickly accessing content based on their unique interests and goals. Previews of library content are also accessible across pages on the site, in order to ensure that audiences have multiple entry points and opportunities to access resources.

Future of Food new website

Explore how the Future of Food is working to leverage their privilege to fight for more just food systems globally.

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