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AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be a helpful tool, when we use it to support our efforts, rather than to do the work for us completely. It can help generate ideas, kickstart tasks, and give you back the gift of time, so that you can finally get to tasks that often fall low on the priority list – like improving your website content.

Your website acts as an extension of your social change organization. A good website inspires, takes the user on a journey, and moves them to action. An AI writing assistant or a chatbot like ChatGPT can give you that boost you need to get started.

Here are some ways you can use AI to aid in your website content creation:

  • 1

    Research and compile references: AI Writing Assistants can pull from reliable sources across the internet for statistical summaries or important facts related to your content.

    And you’ll need a human to cross-check and filter for relevancy and source authority.

  • 2

    Develop a comprehensive outline: Struggling to organize thoughts into a cohesive structure? An AI tool can provide constructive guidance in outlining the main points of your piece, as well as bullet points beneath each one so you know what kind of evidence need to fill in the details later on.

    And you’ll need a human to review the suggested outline and structure and re-generate when needed until it truly reflects the points you’re trying to make.

  • 3

    Refine readability: Improve your audience’s experience with a tool that employs natural language processing algorithms to adjust sentence length, break down complex phrasing into simpler terms where appropriate, eliminate jargon where it’s not necessary, and make sure all pieces “flow” seamlessly from start to finish without interrupting readers’ comprehension or understanding.

    And you’ll need a human to edit the content to ensure the readability refinements haven’t altered the intended meaning and don’t take away from your organization’s brand tone and voice.

Spoiler Alert

The above was written with the assistance of an AI copywriter. We asked it to:

  • Write an article about the ways AI writing tools can help create content
  • Write for our unique audience – you, our client partners (ie. nonprofits, foundations, and social change organizations).

What it came back with was a fairly generic, but helpful, article. Instead of publishing it as-is, we extracted the main points and added more specificity, and coloured it in with our own professional opinions. The bot didn’t write this article, but it did help us get started.

Remember, AI is Just a Tool

People trust your organization because you have expertise. You have unique knowledge, and uniquely lived experiences. 

A machine hasn’t had an honest and deeply emotional conversation with a cancer survivor, a foster child, or a community affected by systemic injustices. It collects information, processes what it has learned from many sources, and creates its best summary of that information. It doesn’t tell real stories. And it certainly doesn’t tell stories like you can.