"This project has really done so much to lift spirits and morale."


Website Launch: The David Suzuki Foundation

Briteweb January 8, 2018

The David Suzuki Foundation is a Canadian environmental non-profit that produces evidence-based research, education and policy analysis, to conserve and protect the natural environment, and help create a sustainable Canada. The foundation has a diverse mandate, including project and policy work focused on climate solutions, biodiversity, environmental rights, oceans, and cities.

“[…] this project, moving as quickly as it did and delivering in such a beautiful way, has really done so much to lift spirits and morale […]”

Before they partnered with Briteweb to redesign their website, the foundation was stuck with a cluttered and confusing site that was text-heavy and difficult to navigate. Moreover, their website was failing to keep-up with sophisticated technical requirements and organizational needs, undermining the foundation’s ability to effectively engage its audience.

Through a collaborative process, Briteweb delivered a digital strategy that balanced making information easy to access, while also providing users with a well-branded narrative and visual impact. The site’s content strategy, user experience and design work together to clearly communicate key messages, while the backend supports a number of heavy integrations with the organization’s multiple CRMs and communications tools.

The result is a website that is user-friendly, beautiful and built to grow and adapt with the foundation’s changing needs. Hear more about what the foundation’s Director of Digital and IT, Georgette Parsons, had to say about the website in the video above.

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