Rob Young

As the President of Briteweb, Rob is responsible for running all facets of the business. He is proud to lead the Briteweb team, with its vibrant culture of strong values, accountability, collaboration and entrepreneurialism.

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Director of Delivery

Jill de Chavez

Jill is responsible for the Briteweb Delivery team, bringing over 10 years of experience leading projects with a methodical, strategic approach. She brings a thoughtful, empathetic lens to all of her projects - with exceptional insight...

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Director of Strategy

Rachel Segal

Rachel is proud to lead the Briteweb team in the discovery, design, and architecture of engaging brand experiences. Having spent the last fifteen years at the intersection of digital communications, product strategy, and project delivery...

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Director of Operations, People & Culture

Zephaniah Wong

Passionate about finding ways to support, inspire and activate the potential in others, Zeph has always been focused on building deep client and team relationships. He brings deep understanding of project delivery and process optimization, enabling him to focus on ensuring that Briteweb's team is supported...

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Director of Finance

Rhonda Friesen

Rhonda has spent the last 20 years of her accounting career across various industries, including software, finance, and music. Her previous positions include...

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