Case Study: Black Economic Alliance

Case Study

Building a New Way Forward

Black Economic Alliance (BEA) is a coalition of non-partisan business leaders and advocates committed to economic progress in the Black community in America. Shortly after BEA’s founding in 2018, the alliance was ready to establish a brand to help carry their message forward. They were also seeking a partner to build a website that could embody their mission, and provide a space to share news of the important work they were doing. When BEA reached out to us, the answer was clear – yes.


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The Full Package

When we kicked off our work with BEA, the organization had only just begun. We were excited about having a blank canvas to work with—the possibilities were endless! BEA needed the full package: a name, a brand strategy, a visual identity, and a website. The 2018 midterm elections were fast approaching, and the timeline was tight.

In order to build a brand from scratch in just a few weeks, we needed to ensure that all stakeholders were aligned. Over the course of two weeks we worked with BE Alliance’s Board of Directors, a Board made up of some of the most powerful (and busy!) people in American business, to form a consolidated organizational vision.

Together with BEA’s team, we worked to combine the vision of the Board with an understanding of the existing landscape of organizations supporting Black empowerment in America. By digging deep and analyzing the space, we were able to build a unique brand, messaging, and visual identity that would stand out—and one that would strongly support BE Alliance’s goals of advancing work, wages, and wealth for all Black Americans.


Creating a Visual Identity


    When we started working with BEA, they had a draft of a logo, but didn’t feel that it properly encompassed who they were as an organization. After a discovery session and workshop with their team, we introduced a whole new visual strategy for the organization, including a colour pallet inspired by the original work.

    Motivated by the aim to drive economic progress and prosperity in the Black community, the BEAlogo integrates bold, impactful, and data-driven bars, inspired by the colors of their original logo. The bars speak of the measurable impact BEA hopes to achieve, and presents the organization as being data-informed, business-minded, and disruptive.



A Responsive Experience

By prioritizing the mobile experience, we focused on the heart of the website: the content. We balanced user experience, information density, and site structure, recognizing that the content needs of users will change as their screen size does. This took responsive design a step beyond ensuring their website looked great across various screen sizes; we also optimized the content and messaging across all devices, big and small.


Press Coverage

From MSNBC and The Wall Street Journal to NPR, we’re thrilled to see Black Economic Alliance receive press coverage from coast to coast – so that their dedication to work, wages and wealth for Black Americans can go even further.

BEA's brand is brought to life through their website, which clearly communicates their message and features seamlessly integrated donation tools.

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