Case Study: Leading Educators

Case Study

Communicating a New Approach

Leading Educators is an inspiring professional development organization that works with schools and school districts to maximize the effectiveness of their most important resources: their teachers. Before hiring Briteweb, the organization was having (in their words) a “semi-identity crisis.” Their approach had evolved, but their brand hadn’t. Enter Briteweb.


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Celebrating a New Chapter With a Rebrand

The challenge facing Leading Educators is one the Briteweb brand strategy team sees frequently: their model and theory of change had evolved over the years, but they didn’t have the language to succinctly explain what they did, how they did it and how they were different in a landscape crowded with relatively similar organizations.

Many in their space continued to associate Leading Educators with their old model, and weren’t aware of their new offering. We needed to give them a new way to explain their evolved approach simply and succinctly, without resorting to technical language and jargon—not easy for an organization as complex and layered as they’d become.

Leading Educators also didn’t have a visual identity that reflected who they are. They wanted a new look and feel to help them with retaining top talent—a major priority—and with attracting new funders and partners. In addition, they saw their rebrand as an opportunity to rally their team around an exciting new chapter in the organization’s story.


Style Guide


  • Discovery: Gathering the Data
    To write succinctly about an organization, or to represent it visually, it’s critical to understand the organization deeply. From interviews to a communication analysis to the discovery workshop, Briteweb’s brand strategy process is designed to develop that deep, nuanced understanding.

  • Messaging: Simplifying the Complex
    Then, our copywriter boils the bounty of information gathered into organizational bios of varying lengths, in a style that reflects the organization’s unique personality. For organizations as complex as Leading Educators, the boiling-down and simplifying process can be a big challenge—but we got there in the end.

  • Tagline: Doing A Lot With A Little
    Even more daunting than distilling a multi-layered organization into a paragraph or two? Distilling it into two to five words. With Leading Educators, that’s what our copy team did. After two rounds of options, the project team chose the shortest and simplest options: Potential, ignited. Two words packed with loads of meaning.

  • Logo Design: Symbolism
    With a tagline in place, we could finalize the organization’s new logo. Of the range of options presented, the logo that most excited the Leading Educators team was one comprised of two triangles representing amplification, partnership and diversity. The triangles, or arrows, also form the organization’s striking new brand pattern.



Brand Rollout

As our work on the rebrand came to a close, we collaborated with the Leading Educators team to design a brand rollout strategy that would lead to the successful adoption of the new brand.

While there are a few key elements that make for a successful rebrand (e.g. adequate resources, organizational buy-in, willingness to embrace change, a rockstar agency to partner with), arguably the most important consideration for successful adoption is a thoughtful rollout strategy and launch roadmap.

While there are hundreds of boxes to check off during a brand rollout process, one of the most essential (and fun!) steps is the brand reveal to the full team. Sometimes we lead these sessions in person, but in Leading Educators’ case they are a remote team, so we designed a remote reveal session that brought 50+ of their staff together on one Zoom call to celebrate the new brand.