Case Study: Tavia

Case Study

Research Guiding Brand Strategy

Tavia is a buy one-give one menstrual product subscription service that helps keep girls in the developing world in school. Before launching publicly, the founders of this new social enterprise came to us for a brand strategy and visual identity…and maybe a new name? But first, research.


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Before & After

Brand Strategy

It Starts With Research

Launched in 2018, Tavia (previously named Herz) is a for-profit company on a mission to keep girls in the developing world in school. Because their ‘why’ is ultimately to foster social change, Tavia’s founders came to Briteweb for our expertise in building brands for the impact sector.

Brand strategy always requires research, but in most cases that research involves interviews with stakeholders, and a discovery workshop to mine the considerable organizational knowledge that already exists. Because Tavia was brand-new, the nature of our research for this project was different. We started by doing an unprecedented amount of preliminary research — both primary and secondary — to ensure that we established a well-informed, appropriately targeted brand strategy that would give Tavia’s team a strong foundation on which to launch their enterprise, ultimately driving sales and, as a result, social impact.


The Process

  • Market Research
    Our strategy team started by doing extensive secondary research about the market Tavia was about to enter: who uses subscription services, and why? Was the buy one-give one model over, or still going strong? And what was happening in the menstrual product market and, more broadly, women’s health? We had questions, so we found answers.

  • Focus Group
    Our market research led us to develop hypotheses about who Tavia’s initial audience would be — early adopters who would ultimately become brand ambassadors. To test our hypotheses, we held a focus group to get to know these women and how they feel about menstrual products, buy-one-give-one, charitable giving and subscription services, among other things. Their responses allowed us to develop a particularly strong audience profile, which helped guide the rest of our work.

  • Brand Personality
    Brand personality is always an important part of our brand strategy process, but it felt particularly critical in connecting with this highly brand-savvy audience. We analyzed the brand personalities of Tavia’s soon-to-be-competitors, then developed a custom brand archetype that we knew would resonate with Tavia’s audience.

  • Name Exploration
    Tavia was originally called ‘Herz.’ After using Briteweb’s criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of brand names, we recommended that the Herz team explore new options. We performed a truncated naming process, and ultimately landed on a shortened form of Octavia, a badass lady from Ancient Rome.

  • Visual Identity
    With a new name in place, we were able to get to work on a visual identity that would represent Tavia’s unique personality and resonate with its key audience. Our creative team came up with a wordmark inspired by the handwriting of a girl, with a double underline resembling an equal sign, which represents equality.

  • Color Palette
    The wordmark was accompanied by a boldly feminine color palette, typefaces, a trademark photography style and a brand pattern inspired by the colors, textures, and patterns found in arts and crafts across Africa. The result? A brand identity that is uniquely Tavia — and one we were confident would resonate with the early-adopter audience we’d taken great care to understand.

Visual Identity

Uniquely Tavia


Brand Messaging

Part of Briteweb’s standard brand strategy package is messaging of various lengths. The long bio, short bio, and micro bio can be used whenever staff needs to provide text about the organization—for instance, as a press release boilerplate, in a conference package, or on social media bios. Tavia used their long bio, below, for their website’s ‘About’ page.

Tavia is a menstrual product subscription service – the pads, tampons and other products you find at your local drugstore, delivered right to your door. Because we know every woman’s cycle is different, you get to choose what you receive, in what quantities, and how often. Most importantly, when you subscribe to Tavia, you sponsor a girl in the developing world with a year’s worth of culturally appropriate, locally produced products (like reusable and washable pads), helping remove a major barrier to girls’ education.

You get what you need, and they get what they need. Everybody wins.

The Best Branding Guide We’ve Ever Seen

The Briteweb team really heard what we were trying to convey with our brand and was able to creatively describe our brand not only in words, but with our custom logo. Their work went well beyond the creative. It started where all work should, with stellar research. They not only did quantitative research, but went above and beyond with qualitative research that really helped pinpoint our messaging. The work has helped us launch and continue our growth with consistent, positive, on-point messaging and brand development. As we continue to build our brand, everyone we work with says, “Wow, this is the best branding guide we’ve ever seen.”

— Eileen Stephens, Founder, Tavia

Learn more about how Tavia is keeping girls in school.

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