Case Study: Turnaround for Children

Case Study

Bridging the Communication Gap with Brand Strategy

Turnaround for Children is a New York-based education non-profit that acts as a catalyst for change by addressing the challenges that affect schools facing adversity, particularly those in high-poverty communities. Their approach is uniquely grounded in neuroscience; based on their understanding of how trauma affects the developing brain. In 2014, Turnaround put out a call for a new website. Briteweb gladly accepted Turnaround’s invitation to submit a proposal, but quickly realized that they needed much more than a new website.


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More Than a Website

Turnaround’s website was in need of an overhaul, but beyond that, the organization needed to be clear about how they were communicating who they are. Turnaround was led by scientists who spoke like scientists; their copy was academic and inaccessible to many of the audiences they most needed to reach. Visually, their brand was playful and childlike; their imagery, typography, and color palette suggested that they worked directly with children rather than educators and administrators.

After an extensive audit and strategy workshops, we unearthed their existing brand, and created a brand strategy — including personality, voice and look and feel — that differentiates Turnaround in a saturated educational non-profit space.


Before & After

Realizing the Full Potential of a Project

Briteweb is a dedicated, tireless, imaginative team that helps organizations realize the full potential of a project, reaching far past all expectations. Working with Briteweb to develop our new brand has played an important role in helping Turnaround for Children synthesize our identity as an organization – both how we understand ourselves and communicate this identity to the world. They helped uncover the heart, soul and brain of Turnaround by connecting with people inside of our organization, outside of it, our champions and even our hesitant champions. Briteweb helped us to embrace and believe in the brand identity that we have today. Since the launch of our new brand and website, I have often been hearing, “this new brand is just killing it.”

— Pamela Cantor, President and CEO


The Process


  • Discovery
    We started with a discovery process: interviews, workshops, surveys, and competitive analysis. What we found led us to define and articulate Turnaround’s brand personality as an archetype, which ensures that the face and voice they present to the world is consistent and cohesive. And helps them move away from — academic and inaccessible — towards lucid, compassionate, and authoritative.

  • Visual Identity
    To understand what the crowd looks like, we analyzed and mapped out the visual identities of Turnaround’s competitors on a number of dimensions. We suspected that this data-driven approach would resonate with Turnaround’s science-oriented stakeholders; we were right.

  • Connecting the Dots
    Their new identity is based on the concept of connecting the dots, inspired by Turnaround’s mission to connect the three components (neuroscience, poverty, and education) that represent the organization’s competitive niche.

  • Brand Guidelines
    To wrap it up we delivered a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that set Turnaround’s team up to live and breathe their new identity in everything they do. And with all that in place, we were finally able to get to work on the website that Turnaround originally requested — with the confidence that we had a strong brand foundation to build on.

  • The next step was to extend their brand identity to a large suite of print collateral. With refreshed copy, imagery, typography, color, and their new connect-the-dots logo and theme throughout, these new materials leave no question as to what Turnaround does.


See how Turnaround for Children connects the dots between science, adversity and school performance.

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